Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Make A Call For Christopher Ferguson

Christopher Ferguson Denied Medical Treatment

Christopher Ferguson is of Jamaican decent and is an Innocent Inmate convicted of murder in the state of North Carolina. During the time of the said murder Christopher was in New York. Eyewitnesses testified to this fact.

Christopher is currently housed in Alexander Correctional Institution as in need of emergency medical attention. Below is a sample letter that you may use to write the Inmate Grievance Resolution Board

July 25, 2012

North Carolina Department of Corrections
Inmate Grievance Resolution Board
Lucien Capone, II, ESQ
Rev. Reginald E. Midgette, SR
Darrin D. Jordan, ESQ
Rev. Matthew Rouse, JR.
Roger Smith, JR., ESQ
MSC 4207 Raleigh, NC 27699


I would like to make you aware of the fact that Christopher Ferguson - Inmate # 0127968 - is having great difficulty breathing and is in need of an urgent and immediate emergency visit to a medical facility equipped to diagnose and properly treat his chronic breathing problems.

I have discussed his symptoms and condition with several physicians who are all in agreement that Christopher is in urgent need of being seen in a medical facility equipped to handle his grave breathing condition. Please understand that I have been advised that a diagnosis cannot be made without physical examination but, the symptoms are severe enough to warrant URGENT and appropriate medical attention. Mr. Ferguson can now taste blood in the back of his mouth and the prison medical facility cannot handle this.

Grievance Number 13275 was denied by this board and I'm requesting that you immediately demand that Mr. Ferguson is rushed to a hospital for the immediate and urgent care that he needs. His condition is worsening rapidly.

I am very aware that inmates "cry wolf" however; I am not of the opinion that this is the case.  Not only is Mr. Ferguson gravely ill; he is also innocent.
It is very disturbing to know that any inmate is neglected of medical care but, especially disturbing to know that he is innocent as well.

Respectfully Submitted,

Nancy Lockhart, M.J.
Legal Analyst For Inmate Ferguson