Sunday, July 29, 2012

Letter From Christopher - States That He's Now Coughing Up Blood


  1. New address is Marion C.I. PO Box 2405, Marion, NC 27852. He is still being held in solitary confinement. He is better, but has never received proper medical treatment. He has lost approx. 40 lbs. He was wrongfully convicted in NC in 1997. Most of the last 6 years in SEG. He was in NYC at the time of the murder.

  2. UPDATE: Letter written on 03/03/13. He again has been refused his rescue Albuterol inhaler! He remains on segregation 22hrs a day Please call 828-659-7810 or write Marion Correctional, P.O. Box 2405, Marion, NC 28752. The Administrator's name is Duane Terrell. All the other #'s for Dr. Paula Smith and DON Fay Duffin in Raleigh would be remain same. They have told him that his prescription had run out. It is their job to make sure that it doesn't due to him being in segregation. He is also suppose to have a backup nebulizer treatment available.